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Renewable Energy and Green Building Workshops


Renewable Energy, Green Building, and Energy Efficiency

The Evergreen Institute’s Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building offers high-quality hands-on workshops in solar electricity (photovoltaics), small wind energy, solar hot water (solar thermal) systems, and passive solar heating and cooling. We also offer workshops in residential energy efficiency, net zero energy building, natural building, straw bale building, natural plasters, and green building.

New to our Schedule: In 2015, we added numerous workshops in off-grid living (achieving total self-sufficiency), solar aquaponics, raising chickens, building Chinese greenhouses, and making composting toilets

Our solar training and green building workshops are geared to a diverse audience of homeowners, professionals, aspiring professionals, and educators. 

Our training takes place at a state-of-the-art facility built with green materials, designed for maximum energy efficiency, and powered by solar and wind. Student get hands on training and are able to study numerous renewable energy systems including a small system, six solar electric systems, and two solar thermal systems.

Here's a list of areas in which we offer training: 

  • Solar electricity (photovoltaics)
  • Small wind energy systems
  • Passive solar heating and Cooling
  • Solar hot water
  • The National Electric Code for PV Systems
  • Electricity, Electrical wiring and the National Electric Code 
  • Home Energy Efficiency
  • Net Zero Energy Building
  • Green building
  • Natural building
  • Natural plasters
  • Straw bale design and construction
  • Building Chinese Greenhouses
  • Off-grid (Solar) Aquaponics
  • Chinese greenhouse design and construction
  • Off-grid living: achieving 100% self-sufficiency


Our solar and wind energy workshops and our green building and natural building workshops are primarily taught in our facility in Gerald, Missouri.

We also offer workshops for engineers, architects, project managers, builders, and others at their place of employment. Dr. Chiras will travel to offer workshops to groups of 10 or more.



The Evergreen Institute was founded by internationally acclaimed best-selling author, green building consultant, and educator, Dr. Dan Chiras. Dan has published thirty books on numerous subjects including residential green building and residential renewable Energy. His articles appear in Mother Earth News, Home Power, Solar Today, and other publications.

Besides offering the best in solar training, wind energy workshops, and green building education, we sell many of Dan Chiras’ best-selling books at a 20% to 30% discount. Titles available for sale:  

  • Survive in Style: The Prepper's Guide to Living Comfortably through Disasters
  • Things I Learned too Late in Life:It's Never too Late to be Who you Might Have Been
  • Living Comfortably Off-Grid: Achieving Total Self-Sufficiency
  • High-Performance, Off-Grid Chinese Greenhouses
  • The Scoop on Poop:  Safely Capturing and Recycling the Nutrients in Greywater, Humanure, and Urine 
  • Power from the Wind
  • Power from the Sun (Second edition -- coming soon!)
  • Wind Energy Basics 
  • Solar Electricity Basics 
  • Solar Home Heating Basics 
  • Green Transportation Basics 
  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy (revised edition, 2011)
  • The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling
  • Green Home Improvement
  • The Natural House
  • The Natural Plaster Book
  • The New Ecological Home
  • Superbia! 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods.




TEI's Electric Car Conversion

As many of you know, The Evergreen Institute is converting a Chevy S-10 to run on electricity at our educational center in Gerald, Missouri...(more)... 


Installation of TEI's 2-kW grid-tied PV system with Battery Back Up

In 2010, The Evergreen Institute installed it's third solar system. This array serves as a training array for students but also powers the classroom building and the farm. To learn more, click here...

TEI's EV Conversion

Living Comfortably Off Grid: Achieving Total Self
Living Comfortably Off Grid: Achieving Total Self

A full-colorcomplete guide to living off grid and totally sustainably with respect to energy water waste food health and more. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in achieving total self-sufficiency. Full color. Extremely well illustrated. Regularly sells for $45.95!
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The Evergreen Institute provides high quality workshops in renewable energy and green building. Dan Chiras teaches practical, hands-on workshops education in solar and wind energy, energy efficiency, and green building.
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