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What our students have to say about our courses...


"Dan, I am so grateful you moved to Missouri and you're helping us here with your expertise on alternative energy and green building. We are very lucky to have you here and believe me I will be at every class I can make and afford." -- Ed F, Bonne Terre, MO

"I've taken lots of workshops in Missouri, Wisconsin, and Colorado.  TEI's solar electricity workshops are by far the best I've ever taken -- bar none. Dan's a truly excellent teacher!  He knows how to explain complex information in simple, clear terms. His slide shows are amazing. Full of great photos and tons of useful information.  Dan's the best teacher I've ever had."    -- Tim B, St. Louis, MO


"Thanks for all your great workshops. I've learned a lot and will be signing up for more classes soon. You've changed my life."  -- David G., Denver, CO


"Dan's fun and interesting and full of information. He's a fountain of information. He really knows his stuff and he knows how to teach."  -- Laura B., Kansas City, KS


"I've taken classes at other schools and have always been disappointed by the quality of the teachers. Slide shows were sloppy or the instructor didn't know very much or frequently didn't know how to teach very well. In contrast, Dan's a superb teacher! He knows a ton of stuff on solar, wind, and green building, and presents the information very clearly. His educational center has tons of examples that students can see to make this stuff real."  -- Jim Z., Washington, MO


"Wow, what a facility and what a teacher. There's so much to see at TEI's educational center in Missouri: four solar electric systems, a cool wind system, a solar hot water system, lots of green building materials used in the classroom retrofit, a straw bale building, and tons of energy-efficiency measures. TEI really practices what it preaches and we students benefit by being able to see how this stuff is done."  --  Tyler H., St. Louis, MO


"This class (on solar electricity) showed me how these systems really work, and now I want one!" -- Dan F., St. Louis


"Your workshop was great. It answered many questions I had and many questions I never thought of. What I liked best was Dan's ability to explain things in an understandable way even though I have little or no background or knowledge." -- Delmar J, Springfield, MO


"What I liked was the way information was conveyed. It was put in terms I could understand.  I look forward to more workshops."  Anthony B., St. Louis, MO


"i love your hands on classes. I learned so much practical information on green building and solar energy over the past years. I've been amazed. I always leave your workshops knowing I've learned way more than I expected."  Scott A., Chicago, IL


"I flew in from New York City to take a class at TEI and was glad I did. The trip was well worth the money. I'm going to start a solar business when I can and I owe a lot of it to you."  Nathan Y, New York City, NY












TEI's Electric Car Conversion

As many of you know, The Evergreen Institute is converting a Chevy S-10 to run on electricity at our educational center in Gerald, Missouri...(more)... 


Installation of TEI's 2-kW grid-tied PV system with Battery Back Up

In 2010, The Evergreen Institute installed it's third solar system. This array serves as a training array for students but also powers the classroom building and the farm. To learn more, click here...

TEI's EV Conversion

Living Comfortably Off Grid: Achieving Total Self
Living Comfortably Off Grid: Achieving Total Self

A full-colorcomplete guide to living off grid and totally sustainably with respect to energy water waste food health and more. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in achieving total self-sufficiency. Full color. Extremely well illustrated. Regularly sells for $45.95!
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