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Dan Chiras, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned author and expert on green building and renewable energy. Dan teaches workshops on solar electricity, wind energy, passive solar design, energy efficiency, green building, natural building, and electric car conversion. Dan is founder and Director of The Evergreen Institute and President of the consulting firm, Sustainable Systems Design, Inc.

Dan has published 26 books and nearly 300 articles on green building, residential renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. He has taught courses on renewable energy at the college level for over 30 years and taught numerous workshops on passive solar design, green building, and renewable energy through the the Continuing Education program at the University of Colorado, American Solar Energy Society, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association,  the Colorado Strawbale Association, and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. 

Dan consults to builders, homeowners, architects, and developers on green building and renewable energy and has worked on projects throughout Canada, the United States, and Central America. 

Dan lives in a state-of-the art green-built, passive solar/solar electric home made of natural materials and constructed in 1995 in Evergreen, Colorado

Henry Rentz teaches Intro and Intermediate Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Hot Water Site Assessment, Solar Hot Water Installation, and PV Design and Installation Lab at The Evergreen Institute.


Henry has installed over 50 solar thermal hot water heating system and over 90 photovoltaic system and wind systems as well as radiant floor heating and space heating system 2000. Henry owns and operates Missouri Valley Renewable Energy. Henry is a co-founder serves on the Board of Missouri Solar Industry Association.


Henry was deeply involved in passing Missouri's Easy Connection Act, which went into effect in 2007, as well as Prop C that passed in 2008




Dan Bartmann teaches our workshop on Homebrew Wind Turbine Design and Installation with his colleagues from

Dan has lived off grid since he was a child and now runs from a small wind powered workshop in Northern Colorado. has built over 100 wind turbines and helped countless people build their own.

Dan also teaches workshops through the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and otherpower. Dan is coauthor of  Homebrew Wind Power: A Hand-On Guide to Harnessing the Wind.




Dan Payne is Managing Member of Environmental Energy Consultants LLC, a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Affiliate Training Organization.

Dan holds BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional Certifications and teaches courses on residential energy auditing and weatherization as an adjunct through the Degree, Certificate, and Customized Training programs at the East Central College, Union, MO.

Dan is a Missouri DNR Certified energy auditor and sits on the Missouri Association of Accredited Energy Professionals technical committee.

Dan has also built an energy efficient home from re-purposed antique log and timber frame structures, using as much locally milled new lumber for the remainder of the home as possible and is currently designing an off-grid passive straw bale home with many energy efficient and green building techniques.





Fred Stuart teaches workshops at TEI on Electric Car Conversion, Building Your own PV Rack, Building Your Own Wind Tower, PV Installation, and Wind System Installation.

Fred is an electrical and computer engineer with extensive experience in automotive repair, electronics, and computers. Fred is the ultimate do-it-yourselfer and built his own yurt from scratch and installed his own solar electric system, building an innovative adjustable rack from scratch. Dan and Fred are currently converting a small pickup truck to run on electricity generated soon by solar energy.



Linda Stuart is Workshop Coordinator and co-teaches workshops on natural plasters, natural building, and straw bale design and construction.

Linda is a nutritionist and soy candlemaker She runs a successful small business based in Evergreen Candleworks, has co-taught numerous workshops on natural building and natural plasters with Dan, and has assisted in straw-clay and natural plastering several natural homes. Linda will be co-teaching natural plasters and natural building workshops with Dan.


Peter Veronesi co-teaches workshops on homebrew wind turbine design and construction. Pete is an Associate Professor of Science Education at the State University of New York in Brockport, New York. Pete has extensive experience building with wood, auto mechanics, and welding and will assist with various workshops, including Homebrew Wind Turbine Construction and Green Building.

















TEI's Electric Car Conversion

As many of you know, The Evergreen Institute is converting a Chevy S-10 to run on electricity at our educational center in Gerald, Missouri...(more)... 


Installation of TEI's 2-kW grid-tied PV system with Battery Back Up

In 2010, The Evergreen Institute installed it's third solar system. This array serves as a training array for students but also powers the classroom building and the farm. To learn more, click here...

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