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Dan Chiras, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned author and expert on green building and renewable energy. Dan teaches workshops on solar electricity, wind energy, passive solar design, energy efficiency, green building, natural building, and electric car conversion. Dan is founder and Director of The Evergreen Institute and President of the consulting firm, Sustainable Systems Design, Inc.

Dan has published more than 30 books and over 300 articles on green building, residential renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability. He has taught courses on renewable energy at the college level for over 30 years and taught numerous workshops on passive solar design, green building, and renewable energy through the the Continuing Education program at the University of Colorado, American Solar Energy Society, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association,  the Colorado Strawbale Association, and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society. 

Dan consults to builders, homeowners, architects, and developers on green building and renewable energy and has worked on projects throughout Canada, the United States, and Central America.


Serena Cochrane-Stuart teaches three workshops through The Evergreen Institute and her farm:  Raising Chickens for Food, Fun, and Profit, Intro to Meat Chicken Processing, and Raising and Processing Meat Chickens (hands-on.

Serena established Stuart Farm, LLC with her husband Fred in 2011. She manages the farm’s day-to-day operations and has been raising and processing meat birds on-farm since 2012.  The farm includes a Belted Galloway beef herd, American Milking Devon dairy herd, a mix of heritage breed laying hens and roosters, a Great Pyrenees, Silver Fox rabbits, and the occasional flock of geese and drove of hogs.

Her sustainable living interests include gardening, spinning, maple syrup production, sewing, crocheting, canning, dehydrating, and making personal/home care products. 






Fred Stuart co-teaches the Intro to Meat Chicken Processing and Raising and Processing Meat Chickens with Serena Cochrane-Stuart. 

Fred established Stuart Farm, LLC with his wife Serena in 2011. They have been raising and processing meat birds on-farm since 2012.  Fred is the ultimate do-it-yourselfer and built the chicken tractors, brooder, scalder, and plucker for the meat birds.  Being raised on a farm, he passes his knowledge on to Serena to manage the day-to-day operations, while he works at his off-farm business creating iPhone apps.

Fred is an electrical and computer engineer with extensive experience in automotive repair, electronics, and computers. He built his own yurt from scratch and installed his own solar electric system, building an innovative adjustable rack from scratch. His sustainable living interests include woodworking, maple syrup production, baking, and making whatever he can around the farm. 


Linda Stuart is Workshop Coordinator for TEI and teaches workshops on raising egg-laying chickens, vegetarian cooking, canning and freezing vegetables, and organic gardening, and natural pest control.

Linda cares for TEI's large chicken and duck flocks, sells our beef and eggs at two farmer's markets, and cares for our organic gardens.

Linda is a nutritionist by training and makes natural soy candles, lotion bars,  insect repellants, and perfumes in her business, Evergreen Natural Works.  Linda asssists Dan in teaching in straw-clay and natural plaster workshops.
















TEI's Electric Car Conversion

As many of you know, The Evergreen Institute is converting a Chevy S-10 to run on electricity at our educational center in Gerald, Missouri...(more)... 


Installation of TEI's 2-kW grid-tied PV system with Battery Back Up

In 2010, The Evergreen Institute installed it's third solar system. This array serves as a training array for students but also powers the classroom building and the farm. To learn more, click here...

TEI's EV Conversion

Living Comfortably Off Grid: Achieving Total Self
Living Comfortably Off Grid: Achieving Total Self

A full-colorcomplete guide to living off grid and totally sustainably with respect to energy water waste food health and more. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in achieving total self-sufficiency. Full color. Extremely well illustrated. Regularly sells for $45.95!
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